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Students frequently experience exam phobia, or the fear of exams, before or during a significant exam. A student’s social, emotional, psychological, and cognitive development are all impacted. Stress and pressure, low motivation, competition from peers, high expectations, and lack of preparation can be key factors besides the frequency of examinations. According to anecdotal evidence, Winston Churchill could only write his name while he was taking an admission exam.

How to Dispose of Examinophobia (Fear of Exam)?

To overcome exam anxiety, try these strategies before an exam.

  • Do the majority of your studying before lunch if you can focus effectively in the morning rather than later at night when you can’t.
  • If you can study at night then study at the later half of the day, but go to bed at a reasonable hour and get enough sleep.
  • Test your understanding by responding to questions from previous exam papers or by having someone else explain a difficult answer to you.
  • Always ask for help if there are things you don’t understand, and especially if you are feeling, stressed out.
  • Avoid chatting to friends who easily become worried on the exam day. You know the ones—the ones scrambling to remember important dates and formulae outside the exam room with cue cards in hand. They have no impact on how stressed you are.
  • Try to cross off one item from the list of things you believe you need to do. Even just believing that you are in charge of your rewrite can be beneficial.
  • Play cricket, watch a movie or TV show, watch a movie, or listen to upbeat music.
  • Drink some herbal tea or hot chocolate. Hot drinks are generally recognised for calming the soul (avoid drinking too much caffeine though!).
  • A bath or a shower might help you decompress.

Some Crucial Advice for Overcoming Exam Fear During an Exam

  • Students who panic in an exam should take deep breaths.
  • They should move on to an easier question if they become frozen in response to a question. Later, you can return to the challenging question.

Some Important Tips After an exam

  • Avoid the exam “post-mortem”. You don’t need to be aware of how other test takers did. You gave it your best effort, and you are unable to go back and modify your responses, so concentrate on your next exam as soon as you leave the exam room.

Never forget that receiving poor grades or failing a test doesn’t mean the end of the world. Every time things get difficult, I recall a remark I ever read: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Why & How Parag Gupta’s CA Final Costing (SCMPE) Classes will help you conquer your exam anxiety

  1. The comprehensive case-study-based methodology that was developed by ICAI in the CA Final Costing Classes (SCMPE CA Final) of the New Course is only covered by Parag Gupta Sir.
  2. 100% questions of books (CA Final Costing books), RTP, MTP, Past Examination papers are covered in our classes
  3. It will be valid for three years and include full access to all course updates during that time.
  4. QUICK DOUBT RESOLUTION is offered by Parag Sir for all of the students’ questions.
  5. Video lectures by Parag Gupta sir are the most updated classes for CA Final costing.
  6. To clear up their questions, students speak to Parag Gupta sir via a video conversation.
  7. Parag Sir always every concept with real company scenarios and real-life examples to help students understand the topic easily.
  8. “There is nothing known as silly doubt, it is just a doubt that is difficult to ask,” is Parag Sir’s credo. This motivates students to stay in personal touch with him and they get 100% doubt resolution.

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Why are Parag Gupta Sir’s books so unique?

  • The best choice for upcoming ICAI exams (CA Final exams).
  • Best Focused towards Comprehensive knowledge.
  • Most Recommended Books for CA Final Students.
  • Rank holders and top scorers frequently consult Parag Gupta sir’s books in every attempt.
  • Covers the Top Questions from the ICAI Study Guide, MTP, RTP, and Old Exam Papers.
  • There are a number of new questions from international courses like CPA, CGMA, ACCA, ICAEW, etc.
  • The material and sources of Parag Sir’s thoroughly researched book come from the works of eminent authors and authorities in the field, making it easier for students to understand the subject.ers of top authors and industry leaders that help students understand the topic easily.
  • The StudyByTech Android and iOS App offers students free access to 30 hours of classes for the Regular Batch.

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