About Us

When we set out to create StudyByTech (we like to call it SBT), our mission was simple: To use technology to enhance the potential of CA students. We started with decades of experience in CA education. We then sprinkled in a few technological tools we had at our disposal. Finally, we mixed in the most critical ingredient of all, what we consider to be our secret sauce: the most successful faculty in CA education.

At SBT, we believe that education should be cerebral, yes, but it should also be riveting, kinetic, social, and mind-bending.

We aim to minimize unnecessary time spent by CA students in traveling and reduce their challenges associated with Indian traffic jams and unpredictable, messy rains.

We wouldn’t be doing this without their help

CA. Parag Gupta has been the key driving force behind this major technological initiative and a cultural shift in CA education. His key objective for almost a decade has been to offer quality CA education in the hands of every CA student. He started by offering pen drives to make quality education easy. However, using pen drives has its own challenges and it cannot be used while you are on the move. The latest, state-of-the-art, the app is developed to support education anytime, anywhere, even on the move!

Dr. Shilpa Gupta has been a key pillar in making this app user-friendly. Her personal experiences in education have taught her a lot about how students can best utilize their time. She strongly believes that education shouldn’t mean carrying the burden of the heavy book or heavy laptop everywhere and she hopes to make a difference with the app.

So just download our app from google play store for android version (iOS version is still in the development stage) and see the difference in studies!