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Offline Batch Offline batch starting from 21 July. Batch classes are applicable as per the new scheme of ICAI for Sept 24 & Jan 25 exams.
Subscription Contents CA Inter Costing Video Lectures + Books. along with Books, Handwritten Notes, Class Slides of the batch by Parag Gupta Sir & Homework videos links are also provided. Revision, Study, And Examination Tips Videos Are Also Provided.
Total No. Of Hours Approx. 60 lectures(Around 180 hours)(Laptop)Google Drive | (Laptop)Pen Drive (64 GB)
Mode Face to face(in Laxmi Nagar centre). For laptop students, the descent Video player screen/skin size will be approx. 60% of the actual screen size of the laptop
Doubt Solving 20% extra viewing hours on mobile app and laptop software
Modes For laptop students, the descent Video player screen/skin size will be approx. 60% of the actual screen size of the laptop
Doubts solving Direct Call To Parag Sir Between 4 PM-5 PM (Mon To Sat) during ‘Student Doubt Time’
 Video Language Hindi-English Mix
 Study Material  English
 Technical Support Mobile: 9968875529                                         


Amendments You will get the amendments on timely basis.
System Requirements Laptop: Windows7 Ultimate & Above | 2GB RAM & Above

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About CA Parag Gupta Sir

CA Parag Gupta is a lecturer, entrepreneur, and examiner by profession. In the last few years, he has been consistently rated as the top lecturer for ICAI CA Inter Costing & SM and CA Final SCPM subjects.

He has served as a lecturer at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and other private professional institutions including Pearson, Gaap Bright, VG Learning Destination, etc. He has also worked as an examiner and observer for ICAI. So, CA Inter Costing Management and Accounting best faculty is here.

He holds a degree in commerce from the University of Delhi and has been awarded a Chartered Accountant degree from ICAI. He also holds a Diploma in Information Systems Audit (DISA) from ICAI

Frequently asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Is CMA is Difficult in CA Inter?

Cost Management Accounting can be challenging for some students in CA Inter, as it involves complex calculations, analysis of data, and decision-making. However, with consistent practice and a thorough understanding of the concepts, it can be mastered.

Joining Parag Gupta sir’s classes for CA Inter Costing & SM will really help you understand the concepts and excel in exams with good marks. As of May 24, exams, 30% on MCQs, so it is better to start preparing accordingly from the beginning. One added advantage this time is MCQs do not have negative marking, so you need not be afraid if you are not sure about the correct options available.

2. What is CMA in CA Inter?

Cost Management and Accounting is a subject in CA Inter that deals with the process of identifying, measuring, analyzing, and interpreting cost information to help management make sound business decisions. It includes topics such as cost behavior, cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting, variance analysis, and decision making. It is one of the most important subjects because it helps the students understand the Elements of costing along with how to handle cost sheet, activity based costing, and cost accounting.

Check out Parag Gupta sir’s videos on YouTube for a better understanding of the subject Cost Management and Accounting.

3. How to effectively prepare for CA Inter Cost Accounting?

Effective Approach for Preparing CA Inter Cost Accounting:

1. Begin by jotting down the name of the topic in your study notebook, followed by listing as many

relevant points as possible. Employ concise keywords, as research suggests that repetition and

revision through writing aid in better retention of key concepts over time. 2. Emphasize the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) part, as they tend to yield higher scores and there is no negative marking for them.

3. It is strongly advised to undertake multiple mock tests as part of your study plan. Engaging in these practice tests will strengthen your grasp of the subject matter, ultimately leading to enhanced performance during the actual examination.

Joining a reputed coaching institute like StudyByTech will definitely help in this regard. Here, Parag Gupta sir helps in making proper notes of concepts & enough practice, which helps students understand the concepts with more clarity.

4. Is study material sufficient for CA Inter costing?

The study material provided by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is comprehensive and covers all the topics required for the CA Inter Costing exam. However, it is recommended to supplement the study material with additional reference books and practice manuals for a better understanding of the concepts and to improve problem-solving skills. StudyByTech provides comprehensive and tailored study material for CA Inter Costing students, which offers an excellent solution to optimize exam preparation and ensure success in the journey towards becoming a Chartered Accountant.

5. Who is the best for CA Inter cost accounting?

CA Parag Gupta Sir

He is India’s most popular faculty for CA Inter Costing and Strategic Management. He is a faculty member at StudyByTech, a leading CA coaching institute both offline and online that provides comprehensive and tailored study material for CA Inter students.

His classes have been known and recognised widely for their concept clarity and personalised attention to cater to the needs of CA aspirants.


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