CA INTER GROUP 2 COMBO I Audit, SM & FM I Sep 24/ Jan 25 exams onwards I StudyByTech


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Paper 4: CA Inter Costing Rs 13860 Rs 12474 Batch starting from 23rd May 24
Paper 5: CA Inter Audit Rs 8910 Rs 8019 Batch starting from 31st May
Paper 6 A- Financial Management Rs 8470 Rs 7623 Batch starting from 11th May 24
Paper 6 B- Strategic Management Rs 5445 Rs 4900 Batch starting from July 24




Product Social Media Poster – Made with PosterMyWallCA INTER GROUP 2 COMBO I Costing, Audit, SM & FM I Jan 25 exams onwards I StudyByTech

  • Costing- CA Parag Gupta Sir
    Audit- Sanjay Mutreja Sir
  • FM- Priya Gupta Mam
    SM- CA Parag Gupta sir
Lecture Duration
  • SM (Approx. 35), Costing (Approx. 70), FM (Approx. 35), Audit(Approx. 50)
Batch Starts
  • FM-11th May 2024
    Costing- 23rd May
    Audit- 31st May
  • SM- Will start in July
  • 2 attempts
  • Offline(Face to face), Online(Laptop)
  • Hindi/English
Technical / Order Support

1. 100% syllabus coverage as per the ICAI module.

2. Lectures in English-Hindi Mix Language.

Useful for:

All those students who are appearing for the CA Inter Group 2 Combo Audit, SM & FM I Sept 24 & Jan 25 exam onwards I StudybyTech.

Embarking on the journey towards CA Inter Group 2 examinations in Sept 24 & Jan 25 exam, StudyByTech presents a comprehensive and dynamic learning solution with their exclusive combo package featuring Audit, SM (Strategic Management), and FM (Financial Management). This all-encompassing program is designed to equip aspiring Chartered Accountants with the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in these critical subjects.

Led by seasoned educators, CA Inter-SM Classes are facilitated by the highly acclaimed Parag Gupta Sir, known for his insightful teachings and student-friendly approach. His expertise in Strategic Management ensures that students grasp the intricacies of this subject with clarity and confidence. Complementing this, CA Inter FM Classes are conducted by the accomplished Praviin Mahajan Sir, renowned for his in-depth understanding of Financial Management concepts. Together, they form a formidable team dedicated to shaping the success stories of CA Inter aspirants.

With an eye on the Sept 24 & Jan 25 exam, StudyByTech’s CA Inter Group 2 Combo is not just a study program; it’s a transformative learning experience that aims to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the challenging landscape of the CA Inter examinations. Enroll today to unlock a pathway to success in the world of Chartered Accountancy.


Q1. Who is the best teacher for SM CA Inter?

Ans: CA Parag Gupta Sir seems to be highly regarded as a top choice for many students pursuing CA Inter-SM classes in India. His reputation as the number one teacher in the country suggests that he is well-regarded for his teaching methods and effectiveness in conveying the subject matter.

It’s essential for students to consider factors such as teaching style, clarity of explanations, accessibility for doubt resolution, and the ability to make complex concepts understandable. Additionally, checking student reviews and success rates can provide valuable insights into the teacher’s effectiveness.

Q2. What is the most difficult subject in CA Intermediate Group 2?

Ans: CA Parag Gupta Sir, being recognized as a top teacher for CA Intermediate Group 2 classes in India, is known for his expertise in simplifying complex concepts and providing effective solutions for various subjects within the curriculum.

Parag Gupta Sir’s reputation as a top teacher suggests that he is skilled at making challenging subjects more accessible to students, which can be particularly beneficial for those finding certain topics difficult. It’s advisable for CA Intermediate students to leverage the expertise of teachers like Parag Gupta Sir to enhance their understanding and performance in all subjects within Group 2.

Q3. How to pass CA Inter Group 2 in first attempt?

Ans: To pass CA Inter Group 2 in your first attempt, it’s crucial to adopt a strategic and disciplined approach to your studies. Joining StudybyTech’s best offer for the CA Inter Group 2 Combo, covering Costing, Audit, SM (Strategic Management), and FM (Financial Management) for the May 2024 exams onwards, can significantly enhance your preparation. To maximize your chances of success, create a well-organized study plan that allocates sufficient time to each subject. Begin by thoroughly understanding the exam syllabus and focus on key topics with higher weightage.

Utilize StudybyTech resources effectively, including video lectures, practice exams, and study materials. Regular revision is key, so make it a habit to review previously covered material. Engage in active learning by solving practical problems and seeking clarification on doubts. Additionally, stay updated on any changes in the CA Inter syllabus and exam pattern. Lastly, maintain a healthy balance between study and relaxation to optimize your overall performance. With dedication and the right resources, passing CA Inter Group 2 in your first attempt is an achievable goal.

Q4. Who is the best teacher for CA Inter Audit?

Ans: CA Mohit Sir is the best teacher for CA Inter Audit. His teaching methods, expertise in the subject matter, and ability to simplify complex concepts make him stand out. Students appreciate his dedication to helping them understand the intricacies of audit in a clear and concise manner. Ultimately, the best teacher for CA Inter Audit is subjective, but Mohit Sir seems to have garnered a positive reputation among students for his effective and engaging teaching style.

Q5. Who is the best faculty for CA Inter FM?

Ans: Priya Gupta mam is one of the top faculty members for CA Inter FM in India. His teaching methods, clarity of concepts, and ability to simplify complex topics are often praised by students. It’s important to note that individual preferences play a significant role in choosing the right faculty,

Q6. Which group is harder in CA Inter?

Ans: In my view and the perspective of the majority of students, Group 1 is more difficult than Group 2 since it includes more practical subjects like accounting, costing, and taxes (although not all of the problems are fully practical).
Group 2 has two theory subjects, namely Auditing and Assurance and Enterprise Information System and Strategic Management (EIS & SM), which are deemed the most challenging by most students.

Therefore, we may deduce that Group 2 will be easier if you are strong in theory topics; however, several technical concepts in Auditing and EIS are hard to remember. On the other side, Group 1 will be simple if you excel at practicals.


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