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CA Foundation Books 2024: Every year, in May/June and November/December, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) holds the CA Foundation Exams. Candidates who have finished the registration process and intend to take the exam should consult the best books for the CA foundation exam 2024 in addition to the study materials provided by ICAI, CA Foundation Book Online.
To do well on the exam, you must refer to the CA Foundation 2024 suggested books. It aids candidates in covering all topics covered in the CA Foundation syllabus. The CA Foundation publications written by some reputable authors are also helpful for candidates. They can more effectively respond to questions on the CA Foundation test thanks to it. If you want to start Preparation for CA Foundation 2024 You can Enroll in the New Course of Studybytech.

CA Foundation Syllabus for 2023

The CA Foundation syllabus for 2024 announced on the ICAI website. Candidates should read the CA Foundation 2024 syllabus as they get ready for the test. Principles and practices of Accounting, Business law, and Quantitative Aptitude And Business economics and other significant sections and subsections are divided into four papers in the CA Foundation syllabus 2024. The topics covered in the syllabus constitute the basis for the questions on the CA Foundation test 2024. Therefore, during their preparation, candidates should refer to the CA Foundation syllabus 2024 and key themes.

Exam Pattern for CA Foundation in 2023

On its official website, ICAI describes the CA Foundation 2024 exam format. In order to properly prepare for the exam, candidates should review the CA Foundation 2024 exam pattern. The CA Foundation exam pattern provides information about the exam’s format, question categories, time limit, medium of delivery, scoring system, and other pertinent details.

According to the ICAI CA Foundation 2024 test format, there will be four papers, each worth 100 points.

The CA Foundation 2024 test will be administered in English and Hindi (Except Paper 2 – Section B)

Papers 1 and 2’s questions are subjective, while papers 3 and 4’s questions are of objective variety.

Candidates are given three hours to respond to the questions in papers 1 and 2, and two hours for papers 3 and 4, CA Foundation Books

The subjective questions don’t have any deducted points. In contrast, candidates lose 0.25 marks for each incorrect response to objective questions.

Books For CA Foundation

The following topics will be covered in the CA Foundation 2024 exam:

Paper 1: Accounting [1]

Paper 2: Business Laws – 60 Marks (Section A: Business Law) [1]

The CA Foundation accounting syllabus for the May 2024 examinations comprises the following topics:

Theoretical Structure

Accounting Concepts, Principles, and Conventions: Meaning and Scope

Accounting Phrases

Capital and Income Expenditure, capital and revenue receipts, contingent assets, and contingent liabilities are all examples of financial statements.

Accounting Procedures

CA Foundation Books Online-

The CA Foundation course books can obtain by visiting the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India’s (ICAI) official website at When you arrive at the website, navigate to the Student Corner section, select the CA Foundation course, and then click on the syllabus. The Foundation Course course includes four papers: Accounting Principles and Practice, Business Laws and Reporting, Quantitative Aptitude , and Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge. The syllabus for CA Foundation 2024 divide into four papers, as well as other important sections and subsections.


CA Foundation Books- 

The books for the CA Foundation test publish by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). These books follow the most recent syllabus guidelines and exam pattern and contain a chapter-by-chapter explanation of all topics in the curriculum.

CA Foundation exams are given twice a year, in May/June and November/December. Candidates taking the exam should consult the top books for the CA Foundation exam 2024 as well as the study material.

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