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Yes, you can prepare for CA Final exam without coaching with self-study at home. This article will be very helpful for those who have decided to prepare for CA Final exam without coaching. We all know that as CA Final is the last level of a Chartered Accountancy course as well as the toughest part of CA. The syllabus of the CA Final is very vast and tough and in the midst of such a period candidates have to go through 3 years of Articleship training which is a compulsory piece of this course.

We have seen that most students can not do proper studies because of their work responsibilities and timings. It is very difficult for students to manage their studies and office work. Don’t worry you can prepare for your CA final exam at home by self-study even without coaching. Below we will share some tips which will help you in your self-study and you can prepare for your CA final exam without coaching.

Some Tips to Prepare for CA Final Exam without Coaching

1. Wake up early in the morning

It is believed that whatever we read early morning, it remains in our mind, don’t know how good this strategy is, but according to me when you wake up early in the morning you get extra time for your studies. Those students who are doing Articleship training they always stuck between study and office work. so early morning is the best time give when you can start your day with your studies. It is said that a fresh and positive mind is the key to success. So, start your day with freshness and positivity.

2. Start your study ASAP

It is the best advice for those who want to prepare for CA Final Exam without coaching is they should timely start their studies. After passing CA Intermediate exam don’t waste time and start your preparation for the CA final on your first day. After clearing CA Inter you will have enough time period in which you can prepare for CA Final exam without coaching in a better way. Make a proper plan on the very first day of your study and implement that timetable in your daily life. Start your study at least one year before your CA Final attempt so you can have enough time for the revision part.

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3. Revision is a must

The CA Final Course isn’t that tough but the toughest part is its vast syllabus. It very difficult to remember the entire syllabus of the CA Final Course and the study period is also very less in which candidates need to go under Articleship training with their studies. So it is difficult to synchronize the study and work. So the best way to tackle it is to do at least 3 times revisions before exams. Three-time revision is important before the exam if you want to clear CA Final exam with good marks. Try to complete your syllabus much before exam time, so you can have some excessive time for revision. It is impossible to recall the entire syllabus before the exam and in this situation revision is the key to success. That’s why three-time revision is a must when you prepare for CA final exam with or without coaching.

4 Choose your teacher wisely

Now, you will say that we are here to know about tips for studying without coaching. But here I want to say, if in any subject you feel that you are not able to understand the concepts then there is no harm in taking coaching of that particular subject. Coaching helps the students in proper guidance & helps in understanding the doubts. We don’t require coaching for all subjects. Before choosing any teacher you need to check how good his/her teaching experience. Before joining any teacher first watch some demo classes so you can get an idea of his teaching style. Ask him about his doubt solving sessions and how he provides notes. The teacher you going to choose must have the knowledge of concept clarity because most teachers don’t use real case scenarios and case studies to explain the concept. It is very important that your teacher has a great number of rank holders & top scorers which shows how good he is in teaching CA Final costing.

5. Solve Mock test paper, Revision Test Papers & Past year Examination papers

It is very important to solve Mock test papers(MTP), Revision Test Papers(RTP), and past exam papers to prepare for CA Final Exam without coaching. As we all know that practice makes a man perfect and when you are preparing for such a vast syllabus then practice is a must. Many students say that Mock test paper is the waste of time instead of that they can read a chapter or revise a concept. But I must tell you that MTPs, RTSs & Past exam papers are very important. By solving Mock Test papers, RTPs and Past exam papers you will get the idea about the pattern of the exam and you can also increase your speed of attempting questions, and it will also help you in self-evaluation that how good you are and how more you need to work on your preparation.

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6. Prepare your Own notes

It very important to make your own handwritten notes so you can revise the question before the exam, We all know that it is not possible to revise the entire course in a day, and in this situation preparing your own notes will help you to make your revision easy and by these short notes you can revise the most important & difficult part of the syllabus in less time before examination.

In this article, we have tried our best to cover all the necessary tips and tricks so you can prepare for CA Final exam without coaching in a better way. We hope this article will help you to make your own self-study strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the CA course take?

Ans. Generally, it takes around 5 years of the time period to complete the Chartered accountancy course. Including 4 Months study period of CA foundation and 2 Months Waiting Periods for CA Foundation results, 8 Months study periods of CA Intermediate, and 2.5 Months of Waiting Period of CA Intermediate Result and 3 Years of Articleship Training to appear in CA final exam. However, I have told you the minimum time period but it can extend to any no. of years as CA course has no maximum no. of attempts for students. Student can try their luck to N no. of attempts till they pass the exams.

Q. Can I pass CA without coaching?

Ans. Yes, you can pass the CA course without Coaching. CA is a correspondence course and the authority who conduct this exam give all the required study material and other resources so the student can understand the syllabus and prepare for the exam. But Coachings play an important role in the CA journey. To pass CA exam with good marks your need proper guidance and a coaching institute is the place where you can get the proper guidance and all the simple techniques by which you can easily pass the CA Exam. But it is not mandatory to join all subjects coaching, you can select coaching of particular subjects which are difficult as per your understanding.

Q. Is there any age limit for CA?

Ans. There is, however, no upper age limit for entry to or clearing up for the Chartered Accountancy course. You can become a CA at any age if you are academically eligible for it. 10 tries to clear up the CA Finals (initial registration is valid for five years, after which you can re-validate it for five more years).

Q. Can CA be done in 3 years?

Ans. Yes, it can be possible after graduation. Those students who have completed their graduation can directly apply for CA intermediate course and they no need to clear the entrance exam i.e. CA Foundation. This process is known as Direct entry. But they need to complete nine months of Articleship training to appear in CA Intermediate. The duration to complete the CA course after graduation is 3 years.

Q. What happens if we fail in CA?

Ans. If any student gets fail in any level of CA exam then he/she can appear for that exam in the next attempt. After the registration for the CA exams, CA aspirants have 10 attempts to clear the CA exams as the registration is valid for 5 years and can be validated again. There is no maximum no. of attempts in which student need to pass the exams.

Q. Who is the topper of CA Final 2020?

Ans. Komal Kishor Jain, Mudit Agrawal, and Rajvi Bhadresh Nathvani are the CA Final topper of CA Final (New course) Nov 2020 examinations. Essakiraj A, Sripriya R, and Mayank Singh are the CA Final topper of CA Final (Old course) Nov 2020 examinations.

Q. Is Passing CA difficult?

Ans. As CA is a professional course and hence it is a highly sought career option. It is not that the syllabus is too difficult for the average students. Even an average student can complete a CA course and make a career in CA. What you need to do is work hard and prepare smartly to clear the CA course.

Q. Which book is the best for the CA final SCM and PE if you are doing self-study?

Ans. The 14th Edition of CA Final Costing SCMPE by Parag Gupta Sir one of the best study materials for those students who want to score good marks in the CA final SCMPE. His books considered to be the best book for self-study as it has covered all the questions of ICAI Study Material and also the books are updated as per the new Updation of ICAI. The book is very comprehensive & easy to understand. In the book, he explained every concept with the help of real case studies and real-life examples for better understanding. In every exam, almost all questions are from Parag Sir’s books. Also, Parag sir is providing 30 hours of access in the full course, as a complimentary offer along with than books, so that students can study any part of course from his classes as well.

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