Mistakes CA Final Students Do and How to Avoid them?

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The Chartered Accountancy course is the most respected profession and requires dedication to achieve it. Common Mistakes CA Final Students do is they work hard to become a chartered accountant but not from the beginning, or they don’t work hard smartly. While they are preparing for CA Final Exams there are some common mistakes CA Final students make, not reading properly, skipping the revision, getting demotivated, wasting their time on social media, and not give proper time to relax your mind. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is the body that conducts CA Exams all over India. ICAI expects nothing less than that from you throughout the CA Journey. In the exam pressure, CA Final students do some silliest mistakes, which results in their demotivation.

If you want to become a topper in CA Final exam then you need to know what are the common mistakes of students as well as how to study smartly. In this article, we will tell you which kind of common mistakes CA Final students do while preparing for the exams and also give some tips on how to avoid such mistakes so you can prepare better and get your desired result.

Some Common Mistakes Commit by CA Final Student

01- Don’t make a Time Table:- Students need to understand that the CA Final course is very tough and vast and you only have 6 months to prepare the entire syllabus. It is essential to make a timetable for your studies and divide time subject-wise according to the time available to prepare for your CA Final exams in a very well manner. Making a planned schedule and adhering to this schedule helps you to divide every topic and subject according to the time available & also you will be able to cover your full syllabus within the given time period.

02- Underestimating ICAI Study Material:- CA Final students need to be very clear in their mind with their priorities, and they have to understand that ICAI study materials is the BIBLE. As we have seen, most of the CA Final students fail because they don’t give importance to ICAI study material. Yes, ignoring ICAI study material is one of the common mistakes CA Final students do. If you want to avoid these mistakes, then you have to strictly follow the ICAI study material.

03- Follow Fake students:- In today’s era, students are taking more information from social media where there are FAKE STUDENTS in bulk. These students are created for advertisement purposes & they are misleading the students. I must say, never rely on unknown social media comments about any teacher. You shall consider any advice about any coaching or teacher through any reliable sources like any of your known friends or your seniors and not at all from these FAKE PROFILES.

04- Not Doing Revision:- CA Final students always make this mistake and skip the revision after completing one subject. The CA Final Syllabus is vast, and it is impossible to remember important topics in a one-time study. But what CA Final students do is they complete one subject and then move on to other subjects without revision. They don’t plan this revision part in their time table. It can result in disappointment in your result. Revision part is important to recall all important & difficult part. It is always advisable that whenever you are studying for the 1st time, you shall study the full course and keep on marking all important & difficult parts of the course. During your revision time, you need to take special attention to these marked parts, as they are important for your exams. So to avoid this mistake, always revise your subject after completing it and also make notes. It helps you to revise the important topic just before the CA Final exam. And never forget to revise the course at least 3 times before exams to get the desirable result.

05- Selection of wrong coaching center:- It has been seen that many institutes come out with new attractive offers and advertisements to attract the students, and often students get attracted by these offers and choose the wrong coaching center for their CA Final exam Preparation. As a result, students are disappointed in their result. So to avoid this mistake, don’t get attracted by the lavish offers given by such institutes. First, before taking classes from the teacher, get the information about your teacher that how much experience he/she has, what is the environment of the institute, how they solve your doubt, how they teach. After getting satisfied with every answer, you can join the institute. So it is important to find the best institute for your preparation to score better in your CA Final Exam.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Who is best for CA final costing?

I will suggest CA Parag Gupta sir. Why?? So I will tell you that Parag sir has a great experience in CA Final Costing and he gives all his effort to make his students successful. Nowadays, when other teachers are devoting around 10% of their classes towards theory topics, Parag Gupta sir devotes around 50% towards theory and case studies. He has divided his classes in a way that in every class 1st half is dedicated towards numerical and 2nd half is devoted towards subjective topics (theory) that includes case studies, case scenarios, international questions, real cases of global companies such as Walmart, Amazon, etc. His efforts can be best defined by a simple point that in almost every attempt maximum rank holders & top scorers are students of Parag Gupta sir. CA Final examinations are now case study oriented and the focus of Parag Gupta sir is on the case studies. As the book of Parag Gupta sir is a compilation of International questions with ICAI’s questions, in the past, it is typically seen that the question paper contains the majority of questions that are directly from the books of Parag Gupta sir.

 2. Can we do CA online?

Definitely,  Students can take CA online classes from the comfort of their own homes at any time that is convenient for them. Many students who work part-time in addition to their education or have joined Articleship, opt to attend classes at home where they can study at any available time be it at late nights/ early mornings/ weekends. One of the most advantageous advantages of online CA classes is that it reduces travel time. Online classes are also better because you can replay the class and understand the concept until you are not satisfied. You can choose how you want to play the class. You can pause it, play it back, rewind it, and change the speed of it. Online classes, rather than live classrooms, are the greatest option for such students. There is no per day limit & student can customize his/her study time as per his/her available time.

3. What is CA salary in India?

 This will depend on CA qualification, ability to work, and his experience. CA salary in India is between 6 lakh to 30 lakhs per annum. If talking of international level, then this figure goes above about 75 lakhs. In the final year campus placement organized by ICAI, the salary monthly of Rs.7 lakh was offered to each CA. However, many students started their independent practice after working for 2 to 3 years in a company. And if any of them is capable, then there is no limit to the good growth they can achieve.

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