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The journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) in India is undoubtedly a challenging one. Among the various stages of this rigorous journey, the CA Inter exams are a significant milestone. With the recent changes in the syllabus, students are understandably anxious, especially when it comes to the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) section. But fear not, for StudyByTech is here to provide you with the best resources and guidance to tackle the CA Inter-MCQs confidently. In this blog, we will explore the importance of MCQs in the new syllabus, the challenges they pose, and how StudyByTech, under the guidance of Parag Gupta sir, can help you ace this section.

Recently, an MCQ portal was introduced to match with the recently released CA curriculum by ICAI. This portal places a strong emphasis on learning and evaluation via technology. The passing standards for the CA Intermediate and CA Final exams have changed in accordance with the revised syllabus. In six exams at each level, students will be asked to attempt 30 percent of MCQ-based questions. Each subject is now having 30% of MCQs with no negative marking.

For all students in the foundational, intermediate, or foundational stages, the MCQ dashboard is a user-friendly site and mobile. The dashboard has the ability to track questions, whether they are paper- or chapter-based, as well as a student’s performance. The platform will display a 20-question MCQ exam, and the students will be able to choose questions.

The Significance of MCQs in CA Inter

Multiple Choice Questions have always played a pivotal role in the CA Inter exams. However, with the new syllabus, their importance has grown significantly. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) introduced MCQs in CA exams to assess not only a candidate’s knowledge but also their analytical and decision-making abilities. This shift aims to produce well-rounded professionals capable of handling real-world challenges.

1. Comprehensive Assessment: MCQs cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that candidates are thoroughly assessed on various subjects within the CA Inter syllabus.

2. Application of Knowledge: Unlike traditional descriptive questions, MCQs require candidates to apply their knowledge to solve problems, mirroring real-life scenarios they will encounter as CAs.

3. Time Management: The time constraint in MCQs challenges candidates to manage their time effectively, a skill crucial for success in the CA profession.

Challenges in the New Syllabus

As the importance of MCQs increases, so do the challenges faced by CA Inter students in the new syllabus:

1. Diverse Content: The syllabus covers a wide range of topics, and students need to be well-prepared in each subject.

2. Complexity: MCQs are designed to test the depth of a candidate’s understanding. They often include tricky questions that require careful analysis.

3. Time Pressure: The limited time available for MCQs demands quick thinking and decision-making, which can be overwhelming.

4. Lack of Resources: Finding quality study materials and guidance can be a daunting task, leaving students feeling unprepared.

StudyByTech: Your Solution to MCQ Anxiety

StudyByTech has a keen understanding of the concerns faced by CA Inter students and has adeptly customized its offerings to effectively address these challenges. Helmed by Parag Gupta sir, widely acknowledged as India’s top faculty for CA Inter SM & Costing, StudyByTech adopts a comprehensive approach to MCQ preparation.

Study materials:

Firstly, StudyByTech furnishes top-notch study materials, painstakingly designed to encompass the entire CA Inter syllabus. These materials serve to facilitate a deep comprehension of intricate concepts and equip you to navigate the complexities of challenging MCQs.

Personalized Coaching:

Secondly, whether your inclination leans towards the flexibility of online classes or the personalized touch of offline sessions, StudyByTech caters to both preferences. Parag Gupta sir’s expert guidance ensures a thorough understanding of each subject.


Additionally, an extensive reservoir of MCQs for each subject is available for rigorous practice on the StudyByTech platform. These questions are meticulously curated to closely match the complexity level of the actual CA Inter exams, ensuring a high level of preparedness.

Support System:

Furthermore, StudyByTech places a significant emphasis on doubt resolution, recognizing that CA Inter students often grapple with doubts and queries. Parag Gupta sir and our dedicated support team stand ready to promptly address your doubts and provide insightful guidance.

Performance analysis:

Moreover, performance analysis tools are offered by StudyByTech to enable you to monitor and evaluate your progress effectively. These tools prove instrumental in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, allowing for targeted efforts in the areas that demand the most attention.

Real-world Scenarios:

Lastly, leveraging his extensive experience, Parag Gupta sir underscores the importance of the real-world application of acquired knowledge. This approach ensures not only success in passing the exams but also the development of critical skills essential for the CA profession.

In the end, StudyByTech’s holistic approach, combined with Parag Gupta sir’s expert guidance, equips you comprehensively for the CA Inter exams, steering you towards a successful and fulfilling journey in the realm of Chartered Accountancy.


The heightened importance and complexity of CA Inter-MCQs in the new syllabus understandably generate anxiety. Nonetheless, armed with appropriate guidance and resources, you can surmount these challenges and truly thrive in your examinations. StudyByTech, under the expert mentorship of Parag Gupta sir, presents a comprehensive solution to assist you in preparing effectively for CA Inter. By providing exceptional study materials, granting access to both online and offline classes, facilitating extensive MCQ practice, offering doubt resolution, conducting performance analysis, and emphasizing the practical application of knowledge in the real world, we establish ourselves as the ideal partner in your pursuit of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

Therefore, do not permit anxiety to impede your progress. Seize the opportunity to shine in the CA Inter exams through StudyByTech. Your journey towards success commences right here!

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What is the eligibility criteria for CA Intermediate?

Eligibilityfor CA Intermediate requires successful completion of the CAFoundation exam or holding a relevant commerce degree, along withmeeting specific registration and study period requirements.

2. What are the subjects covered in CA Intermediate?

CA Intermediate covers subjects like Accounting, Corporate and Other Laws, Cost and Management Accounting, Taxation, Advanced Accounting, Auditing and Assurance, Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management, and Financial Management & Economics for Finance.

3. What is the exam pattern for CA Intermediate?

CA Intermediate exam consists of two groups with a total of eight papers, split into objective and subjective questions. Each group has a mix of theoretical and practical subjects, with optional exemptions for specific papers based on prior qualifications.

4. How long does it take to complete CA Intermediate?

The time to complete CA Intermediate depends on the study pace, but it usually takes around 8-10 months to prepare for and pass both groups of the exam, assuming full-time focused study.

5. Can I do CA Intermediate directly?

Yes, you can join for CA Intermediate directly if you have completed graduation in the commerce stream with at least 55% of marks or completed graduation in the science or arts stream with at least 60%of marks.

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