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One of the pioneers in the CA Final Costing teaching field, Parag Sir is regarded as one of the top instructors in the CA Final Costing New Course as well as CA Final Costing New course as well as CA Final Old course Costing. He is always considered as the First student’s recommendation.

CA Coaching Classes in Chandigarh FAQ

Why Parag Sir is considered Rankholder’s 1st Choice?

Even his students who have previously paid for the course receive the most recent study materials from Parag Sir, who is constantly upgrading the course. The only explanation for why Parag Sir has more Rankholders than any other faculty is because of this.

How did Parag Sir deal with the inquiries of students?

In our app, we have a DISCUSSION FORUM where we allow students & teachers to interact. Along with it, Teachers’ personal phone numbers & email addresses are also provided to the students, in case the student needs to contact them individually and resolve his queries.

In which languages, Parag Sir’s classes are available?

There are English and mixed language (that is, Hindi and English combined) classes offered by Parag Sir.

CA Institute in Chandigarh

CA institute in Chandigarh Branch, representing the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi is one of the most Dynamic and Active Branches. This branch, which serves approximately 13,500 members and almost 35,000 students, is the biggest in the nation. The Chennai-based Southern India Regional Council includes this branch. On March 19, 1962, the branch was officially established with 110 members.

Offers CA Final Costing New Course/Old Course from Parag Gupta Sir

For the CA Final New Course and the Old Course Costing, we offer classes in 4 different sorts of batches.

  • New Course Costing (in English): Click Here
  • New Course (in blended language): Click Here
  • Old Course-Normal/Regular Batch: Click Here
  • Old Course-Revision/Fast Track Batch: Click Here

To Get More Course Like (CA Foundation – CA Inter – CA Final ) – Click Here

Offer For The Classes

Our New Courses

StudyByTech offers CA Foundation/Inter/Final New Course/Old Course & CWA, Judiciary

  • CA Foundation Classes- Click Here
  • CA Inter Classes – Click Here
  • CA Final Classes- Click Here
  • CS Professional- Click Here
  • CS Executive- Click Here
  • CMA Classes- Click Here
  • Judiciary Classes- Click Here

Our New Courses

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Will it be online or Offline Training?

Through our app, StudyByTech, which is available in both the Android and iOS play stores, Parag Gupta provides applicants with both in-person and online training. any one of it subjected to their preference and requirements.

About Chandigarh India

The capital of the two neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana is Chandigarh, a city, district, and union territory in India. The city is special since it is not governed by either of the two states but rather by the Union Government, which is in charge of all such areas in India. in the country. Read

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