is the CA inter tough?

Is CA Intermediate tough?

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Embarking on the journey to become a Chartered Accountant often stirs up notions of challenges and complexities, especially at the CA Intermediate level. However, breaking the myth surrounding the toughness of CA Inter reveals a path that can be navigated with tactful and smart study strategies.

Demystifying CA Inter

Contrary to popular belief, the CA Intermediate course is not an insurmountable mountain but a stepping stone towards a rewarding career. One of the key factors influencing success is the approach to learning. With the right mindset and effective study techniques, aspiring Chartered Accountants can conquer the challenges presented by CA Inter.

Entry Requirements

It’s essential to note that CA Inter is accessible to a wide range of individuals. Graduates with a minimum of 55% in commerce and 60% in science streams are eligible to register. Additionally, those who have successfully cleared the CA Foundation exams can also embark on their CA Inter journey.

CA Inter after CA Foundation exam

Tactful Study Approach

Success in CA Inter lies not only in hard work but in studying tactfully and smartly. Understanding the nuances of each subject, practicing with precision, and seeking individual attention can make a significant difference. This is where StudyByTech, a leading CA institute, comes into play.

StudyByTech Your Gateway to Success

StudyByTech stands out as a beacon of support for CA Inter aspirants. Offering both online and offline classes, this institute provides a platform where students can access lectures from expert faculties across various subjects. The emphasis on individual attention ensures that students receive personalized guidance to excel in their studies.

Why StudyByTech?

1. Expert Faculty

StudyByTech boasts a team of expert faculties, each a maestro in their respective subjects. Learning from the best enhances comprehension and mastery of the course material.

2. Individual Attention

Recognizing the unique needs of each student, StudyByTech believes in providing individual attention. This personalized approach aims to address specific challenges and optimize the learning experience.

3. Tactful Study Techniques

The institute promotes smart and tactful study techniques, empowering students to grasp complex concepts with ease and apply them effectively during examinations.

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In conclusion, the journey through CA Inter may have its hurdles, but with the right approach and support, success is within reach. StudyByTech emerges as a reliable companion on this path, offering a blend of expertise, individual attention, and smart study techniques. So, if you’re ready to unravel the challenges of CA Inter, StudyByTech is here to guide you every step of the way. Success awaits those who embrace the journey with determination and the right resources.


Q-1: Is CA Intermediate really tough?

The difficulty of CA Intermediate is subjective, varying based on individual study habits, dedication, and prior knowledge. With effective preparation and a focused approach, it can be challenging but manageable, paving the way for a rewarding career in chartered accountancy.

Q-2: Is it easy to clear CA Intermediate?

The ease of clearing CA Intermediate varies from person to person. Success depends on individual dedication, study habits, and a strategic approach. With disciplined preparation and the right mindset, it can be manageable for those committed to the process.

Q-3: What is the toughest subject in CA Inter?

It is acknowledged that the most challenging subject in CA Inter is auditing. Due to the fact that a person cannot study this subject alone, it is the most competitive. Courses on corporate law, accounting, and other legal topics aid in learning about auditing. However, FM & SM also require enough care.

Q-4: How many groups are there in CA intermediate?

CA Intermediate has two groups: Group I and Group II. Each group consists of a set of subjects that candidates need to clear in order to progress to the next level in the Chartered Accountancy course.

Q-5: Which group is difficult in intermediate?

Both groups in the CA Intermediate have their merits, and the “difficult” group depends on individual strengths and career goals. Group I focuses on Accounting, Corporate Laws, and Taxation, while Group II covers Costing, Auditing, and Financial Management & Strategic Management. As both groups need to be pass to clear this CA Inter level, students are advised to study both groups together to save time. Simultaneous studies of both groups gives you an edge over others who study 1 group at a time.

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