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This article is for those CA Aspirants who want to prepare for CA Final Exams with Articleship Training. We heard many students saying that it is very difficult to prepare for CA Final exams with Articleship Training, We also agree with the student that it is very difficult to manage both jobs and studies when you have less time to study. But this is all CA about Articleship training the process to train your mind how a CA works in practical life. Before saying that CA is very tough and it is impossible to do study and Articleship both together remember why you have joined CA Course. CA Course is not a simple course that you can pass easily, it is one of the toughest courses in India in which you have a steady and promising future with all respect. A Stone also has to face so many beat of the hammer to become a beautiful statue.

The Articleship period is also the same. We know that it is difficult to prepare for CA Final exams with Articleship training but it is not impossible. When hard work, dedication, focus, positivity, and the right guidance meet together nothing is impossible. In this article, we are here to help you out from all your worries and dilemmas. We are here with some magical tips and tricks by which you can easily prepare for CA Final exams with Articleship.

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Tips To Prepare for CA Final Exams with Articleship

  1. Prepare your own notes:- Prepare your own notes on the subjects you are studying as you will be appearing for your CA final exam after a long time. Taking your own notes makes it easier to review topics. This comes in handy when you prepare for CA Final exams with Articleship.
  2. Preparing for Both Groups:- During your Articleship Training, you have 2-2.5 years of study time for your CA Final exams. So should try to study for both groups. Utilize this time in a better way give all your effort in this time period on both groups just don’t just prepare for a single group.
  3. Make a Time Table:- To not get confused between work time and study time it is very important to make a timetable to study for CA Final exams with Articleship. It helps you to manage and divide your study time and work time so can you can prepare for the exams in better ways.
  4. Early Morning Study:- It is best to study early in the morning. Early morning the mind is so refreshed and free from any kind of stress. It is believed that whatever you read early in the morning remains in your mind for a long time. If you prepare during this time nothing is going on in your mind to distract you. That’s why I get up early at five in the morning. In the morning, I prefer to study practical subjects. I study for about 2 hours in the morning.
  5. Study on Weekends:- During Articleship Weekends are the golden times which you can use for your Preparation. Instead of going out and wasting this precious time make the best use of the weekends. Reserve it for study instead of hanging out with your friends. You don’t need to spend your whole day in studies, take out some time and hang out with friends to clear your mind.
  6. Choose the Best coaching for study:- CA Final is not an easy subject and the syllabus of CA Final is very vast and tough. It is very important to seek proper guidance for the preparation of CA Final exams. For this, you need to find the best coaching institute which can help you to achieve your goal.
  7. Study while traveling:- We all know that a working person spent his/her most of time in traveling. As a CA Aspirant, you can use this time for your study. Whenever you go out always keep your books with you so while traveling you can study for your CA Final exams. This technique will help to arrange some more time to prepare for CA Final exams with Articleship.
  8. Solve MTPs, RTPs, PYPs:- If you want to boost your confidence and skills in attending exams you need to solve Mock Test Papers, Revision Test Papers, and Past year exam papers as much as you can. This technique always works. It helps to do self-evaluation and find the weak point. It also helps to understand the exam pattern and enhance question attempting speed.
  9. Take some genuine tips:- Some precious and useful tips are always good whether it is your teacher or your friend or any classmate you should always accept the good tips. Sometimes these small tips give big solutions, So never neglect the tips from your seniors.

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These are some tips to manage your time schedule between work and study and help you to prepare for CA Final exams with Articleship. If you want to score a good mark so we can help you in this just join Studybytech and start your preparation for CA Final exams with India’s most experienced and recommended faculties.

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