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As we all know, the CA final exams are near, and every CA student is worrying about how will they revise for the CA final exams in just 2 weeks. CA Final is such a vast course, and everybody knows that without a proper study plan, one cannot prepare or revise in a better way. If you are one of those students who are facing the dilemma of how to revise for the CA final course in just 2 weeks and What should be the strategy to pass the exam, don’t be afraid we are here to help you. If you think that you are in the worst situation let me clear to you that some of the students haven’t completed their syllabus yet. So consider yourself lucky to have at least completed the course and now is the time for the review.

To pass the CA final exams, you’ll need to make a proper study plan, review your course at least three times before the exams, and practice the questions as much as you can to get clarity on the concept. All in one review that won’t waste your time. It is time to work hard with full dedication and concentration. You have to study 15 hours a day.

What should be the CA Final Exams Strategy before 2 weeks

CA final exams are too close and students have less time to prepare for the entire syllabus those who have completed their syllabus are lucky that they have some time to revise the syllabus but for those who haven’t completed their CA Final syllabus yet this article can help them so read the full article carefully. Here in this article, we will be going share the strategy to use such a short time to clear CA Final exams.

Decide Single Group or Both Groups

It is one of the important steps that CA aspirants should take to decide whether to go for a Single Group or Both groups. Every CA Final student has this question, but the answers also depend on you. You have to do some self-evaluation that, have you are prepared enough to give both groups this attempt. If you have prepared enough that you can attempt both groups’ exams then go for it but if not then just focus on a single group without wasting your time and thoroughly prepare for the Examination.

Make Proper Time Table

It will be your biggest mistake if you start your preparation without any proper study timetable. Once you follow this you will find yourself in a situation where you have spent most of the time on just 1 or 2 subjects and there are many subjects are on the list. SO don’t do this mistake and on the first day of your preparation make a timetable according to your syllabus and divide every subject according to the weightage, so you can manage your study time.

Give equal focus on Theory and practical

It is very important to focus on both theory and practice. In your preparation don’t take the theory for the entire day because reading theory the whole day will become boring and you will lose your concentration and start feeling exhausted and sleepy. so don’t do this prepare for both. Manage your timetable in a certain way so that half of your day is given to the theory part and the rest of the half-day to the practical part. By this, you will prepare for both.

Strategy to Revise for CA Final Exams in 2 weeks

Prepare your own notes

As we all know at the last moment before the exam we can not revise the entire CA Final syllabus but if you have prepared your own notes while your preparation they can help you to recall the important topics and questions before exams. This is the main reason why students are advised to make their own handwritten notes so they can revise them just before the examination.

Study Intelligently

In CA preparation hard work and smart work go parallel and when you have such a short time for revision you have to study intelligently. Start your revision with those subjects in which you are best and those who have you prepared so many times. By this, you will revise those subjects strongly and they will not take too much time. Then go for the difficult one and in the last the simple and easy topic. but we know there are no easy topics in the CA Final syllabus. Hence divide your curriculum smartly to Revise for CA Final exams.

Solve RTPs and MTPs

When are in a situation where exams are too close and you have such a short time the Mock test papers, Revision Test papers, and Past year exam papers play an important role in your revision? Solving MTPs, RTPs, and PYPs boost your confidence and skills in taking the exam. It helps you to evaluate yourself and check where you stand in your preparation. By solving these papers you get an idea about the pattern of CA final exams.

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Don’t Skip Amendments

ICAI always wants you to be updated with the laws and provisions, so don’t skip amendments. Try covering them first. Especially when we talk about subjects like DT, IDT, and Law.

Prepare Through Revision Videos

Wasting your time going through all of the concepts of the CA Final Syllabus is not a good idea nor the best strategy to revise for CA final exams. Instead, you can purchase any fast-track batch from one of the best CA Final teachers, that will help you go through the concepts and go straight to the questions.

We hope you find this article beneficial for you and this article will help you to revise for CA final exams in better ways. If you want to prepare for your CA final exam by India’s top faculties don’t waste your time and join StudByTech right now. We are India’s one of best online coaching centers for CA courses.

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