Things you should avoid during CA Exams Preparation.

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CA Exams Preparation: Clearing CA Exams is not as easy as cutting the cake, it requires lots of hard work, concentration, and full commitment, toward the goal. When you join the CA Course you should clear your mind that becoming a professional chartered Accountant is only your goal. Every year, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts CA exams in which many students participate and throw their full potential to pass the CA Exam. But even after strenuous preparation, many determined candidates tend to make stupid mistakes and face the worst impact as a result.

In this blog, we are going to look at some of the most common mistakes made by students in CA Exams preparation. Take a look and try to avoid them in your next attempts.

What are the mistake students do during CA Exams preparation

  • Using Social Media:- Social media is the main reason which distracts students the student from their study. Nowadays when a student starts using social media they just forget that are perusing one of the toughest course and to clear the exam they need to give full concentration on their studies rather than social media.
  • Not having a proper study Plan:- As we have mentioned that Chartered Accountancy is the most promising job. But clearing CA Exam is not an easy task and the vast syllabus of the CA Course makes it one of the toughest exam exams. Most of the students start their preparation without any plan or strategies which is very wrong.
  • Taking coaching from the wrong teacher:- In this race of becoming CA, students always choose that institute which no. 1 only on the internet, while in reality, they are just making students fool by their wrong advertisement strategies. Students now don’t know how to find a better teacher for their CA Exams preparation.
  • Neglect ICAI Study Material:- ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountant of India) is the authorized body that conducts CA Exams all over India. They also provide full study material and other resources such as MTPs, RTPs, and Past exam papers for the CA Exams preparation. But students underestimate the ICAI study material and go for the other teachers’ study material for CA Exams preparation.
  • Poor Time Management:- Student always get fail in CA Exams because they do not attempt most of the question because they spend their most of the time answering difficult questions. It is all because of poor time management. Time management is should be the first part of the strategies to pass the CA Exams. But CA candidates always make mistakes in this in the pressure of exams. They neither make a proper timetable for their studies while preparing for exams nor they try it in the examination hall.
  • Not making notes:- If you are one of those few students who don’t make notes during their preparation and video lectures, then you should know this is one of the biggest mistake you are making, as notes making improves your revision speed & this process ensures that all important & difficult topics are never neglected before examinations.

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