What Should be the Strategy to Clear CA Final Exams 2024 in the first attempt?

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Finally, the new dates for CA Final, CA inter, and PQC exams dates have been disclosed by the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India and the further detail will be out soon. As per the new notification of ICAI, the CA Final Exam will be started from 5th July 2023. Now we only have one month to prepare a Strategy to Clear CA Final Exams. Most of the students are now in the dilemma of how they can clear the CA Final Exam in such few time and what should be the right strategy to clear CA Final Exams in the first attempt. So in this article, we have tried our best to give the solution to all your questions and remove your dilemma of how to prepare for the CA Final Exam for July 2023. Below we have shared the strategy to clear CA Final Exam in First Attempt and a proper study plan.

Let us now analyze the strategy to clear CA Final Exams in the first attempt:

  1. Plan your study:- As you only have one month to prepare for the CA final exams and it is very clear that the Ca final syllabus is not that difficult but what is difficult is the length of the syllabus. The CA Final syllabus is very long and vast this is the only reason students think it is difficult. So as you have only one month, you are required to plan your studies in such a manner that you can complete a one-time revision of all eight subjects.
  2. Depth study at first reading:- Start your preparation ASAp and go for in-depth study on the first reading. It will help you to learn all the topics of the subjects. No topic should be avoided by saying “this can be done a day before the exam or I will leave it or it is too hard to prepare”. I think in such case it would be better if you ask your doubt to your teacher or friends and understand the topic.
  3. Use your time wisely:- Some of you will be thinking that 30 days period is quite short to prepare for CA Final syllabus as it is very tough and vast. But let me clear you this thing that it is enough time and you may even complete some subject within 12-15 days. It depends on you that how will you manage the subjects. As per me first, complete the difficult one so you can spend the rest time on the easy chapters.
  4. Take proper guidance:- It doesn’t matter how well you have prepared if don’t follow the required pattern and don’t give the exact answer to what has asked in the question. Without proper guidance then I think all the hard work is nothing and it is better to take proper guidance whether it is your friend, or a Rank holder, or your teacher. Don’t be hesitate to get our queries solved by a teacher or friend, don’t become narrow-minded, even a ranker may have to go to the average one for asking something. In the end, you will have clarity of the topic.
  5. Choose the right Institute:- It is essential to choose the right CA coaching institute for achieving overall success in the CA Final exam. It is in the hands of the students to work hard and try their best. But the problem comes when it comes to choosing a CA coaching institute. Most of these institutes claim good results and hence it becomes difficult for the students to identify the Best coaching institute for CA final. In Institute you will get the proper guidance even they will also tell you the best strategy to clear CA Final exams in the first attempt. If you want to crack CA final exam with good marks then the right coaching and guidance make a real difference in cracking the CA exam.
  6. Be confident:- Most importantly, Clearing the exam is the most important objective that every CA aspirant should always focus on. Lack of confidence can become a hurdle in the journey of CA candidates. A confident attitude is a must for anyone aspiring to become a CA. If your preparation of topics has not gone as per your expectation, never lose hope and please don’t waste time on this kind of thinking, prepare well for the exam so that good score in next Possible subject.
  7. Don’t forget the Revision:- Don’t forget the Revision:- Revision is very important As the CA Final syllabus is vast so often forget what we had learned in the starting so, after completing the syllabus spare some days for revision so you can summarize all the previous chapters which you have read in the starting. It is the best strategy to clear CA Final exams.
  8. Write your own notes:- One important thing that you should do in intensive study time is to highlight or mark various questions or short note which are important from your point of view. The main reason for doing this is to save your time so you don’t have to read the same question over and over again. This is the smhttps://www.studybytech.com/strategy-to-clear-ca-final-exams/?amp=1art strategy to clear CA Final Exams.

Topper’s Strategy to Clear CA Final Exams

  • CA aspirants should try to complete the entire syllabus before the time so that they can get enough time to revise.
  • Candidates must plan to study at least 10 to 15 hours a day to rank in the CA exam.
  • Don’t be stressed, CA candidates should do yoga or meditation early in the morning to refresh the mind.
  • To clear CA final exams, students need to avoid social media, TV, internet, etc. to stay focused on their goal.
  • Students should also practice improving the quality of their answers. For this, they should solve mock test papers which will help them in self-assessment.
  • To crack the CA Final exams in one attempt, candidates must have a positive attitude. They should be self-motivated to study all the time.

In this article have tried our best to cover some important points to help make a proper strategy to clear CA Final Exams in your first attempt.

FAQ’s of Strategy to Clear CA Final Exams

Q. What should be the strategy for the CA final paper 5: SCM & PE? Did you take classes for this paper?

Ans. CA Final SCMPE is an easy subject if study with all your concentration and hard work. It is totally different from the old syllabus. In CA Final SCMPE both theory and practical parts are important so it is good if you give equal focus on both. According to my, it is necessary to take classes for SCMPE as if your teacher is an experienced teacher, he can help you to understand the concepts in a better way, hence this will help you to perform well not only in exams but also in real life. Also, in the present scenario, we can not categorize the syllabus into less important & important parts, so it is always advised to study and understand every concept in depth. We shall not skip the Study material given by ICAI to prepare for CA Final Paper 5 SCM & PE. We also require proper guidance, coaching classes are the only place where you can get the proper guidance from experienced faculties.

Q. How many days are sufficient to cover the CA final SCMPE after classes for the first time self-study?

Ans. If you work hard and follow the proper timetable and study at least 6-7 hours a day for almost one month, then you can easily do self-study for the 1st time after your classes are over. But always keep in mind to make your own NOTES, this really helps in the revision of course in a very productive manner and also you can revise the whole course in a very short span.


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