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Are you choosing CA Inter Group I OR Group II OR both?

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When embarking on your journey to become a Chartered Accountant (CA), one of the critical decisions you’ll face is whether to take the CA Inter Group I or Group II exam first. This decision can significantly impact your CA preparation and overall success. In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of choosing either Group I or Group II, or you may attempt both groups together from the starting point, and how Studybytech, led by Parag Gupta sir, can help you make the right choice.

Understanding CA Inter Group I and Group II

Before delving into the decision-making process, let’s briefly outline what CA Inter Group I and Group II entail:

CA Inter Group I

CA Inter Group I consists of 3 subjects:

1. Advanced Accounting

2. Corporate and Other Laws

3. Taxation (Section A: Income Tax-Laws)

Taxation (Section B: Goods And Service Tax)

This group focuses on building a strong foundation in accounting, corporate law, cost accounting, and taxation.

CA Inter Group II

CA Inter Group II also comprises 3 subjects:

1. Cost And Management Accounting

2. Auditing and Ethics

3A. Financial Management and Strategic Management (Section A: Financial Management)

3B. Financial Management and Strategic Management (Section B: Strategic Management)

Group II delves into more advanced accounting topics, including costing, auditing, IT systems, and financial management.

Choosing Group I as Your Starting Point


1. Sequential Learning: Group I subjects often provide a logical progression in terms of complexity and depth of knowledge.

2. Foundational Knowledge: Group I equips you with fundamental accounting and taxation knowledge, which can be beneficial in Group II.


1. Heavy Workload: Group I subjects can be intense, and preparing for them simultaneously may be challenging.

Choosing Group II as Your Starting Point


1. Diverse Subjects: Group II subjects cover a broader range of topics, which can make your CA journey more dynamic.

2. Reduced Initial Workload: Starting with Group II allows you to ease into CA Inter with a lighter course load.


1. Potentially Steeper Learning Curve: Group II subjects may require a deeper understanding of concepts, especially if you lack foundational knowledge.

The Decision-Making Process

When deciding whether to start with Group I or Group II, consider the following factors:

1. Your Background: If you have a strong accounting or taxation background, Group I might be a natural choice. However, if you are more comfortable with Advanced accounting or auditing, Group II could be your starting point.

2. Personal Preferences: Analyze your own learning style and preferences. Are you better suited to tackle the foundational subjects first, or do you thrive in a more varied, challenging environment?

3. Study Resources: Ensure you have access to high-quality study materials and resources for your chosen group. In this regard, Studybytech, under the guidance of Parag Gupta sir, is a reputable option.

Why Choose StudyByTech?

In addition, it’s worth noting that at Studybytech, we smartly integrate the curriculum for both Group I and Group II, allowing you to efficiently complete courses for both groups simultaneously. If students start studying smartly, they can save their time and complete the whole course ASAP.

The benefit of choosing both Group 1 & Group II together-

1. This will save time and there is a high chance of getting AIRs, as students who are giving both groups together only receive the ranks by ICAI.

2. In the period of this 6 months, students will complete 6 subjects & there will be no boredom for them as 3 theoretical & 3 practical subjects will be there which will be balancing your study time.

3. Each subject is going to have 30% MCQs which are not with any negative marking. So we at StudyByTech will help students to focus more on understanding the concepts. If your concepts are good, this MCQ section is going to be a boon for you. Plus your CA Final concepts base will be good which will help you excel in CA Finals as well.

4. Passing CA Inter both groups requires both hard & smart study which our all faculties will provide you. Proper guidance and motivation to kick start your studies & proper analysis of regular tests is the key factor of our student’s success at StudyByTech.

Parag Gupta sir, is renowned for his expertise and dedication to CA education. Here’s why Studybytech can help you make the right choice and excel in your CA Inter journey:

1. Comprehensive Study Materials: Studybytech provides comprehensive study materials designed to cover all aspects of CA Inter Group I and Group II subjects.

2. Expert Faculty: Parag Gupta sir and his team of experienced faculty members offer in-depth subject knowledge and guidance.

3. YouTube Demo Classes: Studybytech offers YouTube demo classes, allowing you to sample their teaching methodology before making a commitment.

4. Personalized Guidance: The institute understands that every student is unique. They provide personalized guidance and support to cater to individual learning needs.


The decision to choose between Both Groups or CA Inter Group I or Group II as your starting point is a crucial one. It should align with your background, preferences, and the resources available to you. With Studybytech, led by Parag Gupta, you can confidently make this decision and set yourself on the path to success in your CA Inter examinations. Good luck with your CA journey!

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Is it better to take both groups in CA Inter?

Is it preferable to enroll in both CA Inter groups? You can only compete for the CA rank if you simultaneously sit in both groups. Therefore, you won’t be able to get a rank even if you independently have high grades in each of the two groups. You assume a risk when you make the effort.

Which CA inter group is easy?

Group 2’s subjects can be thought of as simpler than Group 1’s. More practical courses, including accounting, taxation, and costing, are covered in Group 1. If one enjoys answering practical problems, Group 1 can be simpler.

What is the salary of CA Inter?

In Ahmedabad, the average pay for a CA inter is ₹36,366. The salary estimates are based on one salary that Ca Inter employees in Ahmedabad anonymously submitted to Glassdoor. What is the accuracy of the ₹33T-₹36T/mo typical base pay range? Glassdoor uses your feedback to continuously improve our compensation estimates.

Which is the toughest paper in CA Inter Group 1?

The majority of individuals concur that auditing is the most challenging CA Intermediate subject. For many students, independent study is challenging and competitive. A deeper grasp of auditing can be achieved by studying legal topics such as corporate law, accounting, and other legal topics.

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