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What is fear of failing?

Fear is not about what is happening in present but Is all about what will happen in the future. We all know the future is Unexpected but still, people fear when they imagine the Worst & dangerous scenarios for any situation, without noticing the positive expect of the event.

The main point here is that our fears are just our imagination of the worst possible scenarios, not reality. When we start believing our imagination as reality then we will have fear of failure.


It’s ok to be anxious before an exam, We all are. But for some people, the experience can be afflicting. Lack of focus, fast heart rate, headache, shallow breathing – all these are symptoms of exam anxiety. But, as we said before, Why do some people fear exams? why does this happen?


There are many reasons due to which people can be afraid to fail the CA exams or have fear of failing. Before you know how to Conquer your fear of failure in exams, but first you need to know how deep the fear is in you and why you feel it. The reason for fear of failing can be due to a shocking event or poor experience. For example, you have performed poorly in a class test, and you are afraid that same will happen in the next test also, That possible scenario causes fear in you. students are afraid mostly because of How society thinks about them, how low their friends think if they score low or fail in exams. fear could be rooted Deep because students are afraid of how disappointed their parents and family members will be with them if they fail in exams.

Another reason for failure in exams could be wrong decisions taken by students. For example, a common reason CA students fail in exams is because they make wrong decisions related to their future. Like selecting both groups when they could only do one, selecting the wrong study material, for Example- Selecting AMA over SCMPE, etc. As compared to other situations, students’ fear is justified if they are nervous because they have not learned anything or learned just a few topics for the exam, but you still shouldn’t let it control you


If we let this fear of failing exams control us, it can affect us deeply. and Due to this fear. Our mind and body will take unwanted and unnecessary stress. Whenever we try to study, we will be uneasy, and our time which should be spent studying with concentration will be wasted on negative thoughts. We will waste time and delay our studies besides studying hard for exams. we will waste our time procrastinating. Even if we could have achieved our goals and passed the exams, this fear leads you to waste more precious time.

This fear will take us away from the chance to perform and we will give up before trying and the result would be different than what we imagined. If we feel this fear because of peer pressure this fear will also become the reason for low self-esteem. The fear of failing can also affect students who have done enough preparation for exams and can score well. If students have read all the chapters and prepared a full syllabus but before the exam student let fear take over their minds, this will make their thinking process block. Regardless of their preparation, students will still perform very poorly in exams.


Preparation is The Key

This is the main factor for fear of failing in exams. Number One Reason for exam stress is weak preparation. So, prepare good and go through all of the study material with full understanding, Review all the important Concepts thoroughly.
If you prepare well then you will walk out in the classroom with a cool mind and with full of confidence.

Get Good Rest

Students must take Good rest, That means no last-minute studying. Also, you must be aware that the institutes conduct the CA, CS, and CMA exams over several days. In some cases, more than three days. This means that students should take complete rest over the entire examination period. And have finished their main preparation well before the exam. It’s OK or even recommended If you are doing a revision of concepts. But don’t learn new concepts right before the exam. That will only give you stress and make you confused.

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Eat Good Food

During the examination make sure you eat healthy food. You must concentrate on food that has high nutritional value rather than eating food that will give you a high amount of sugar. Have to Avoid junk food and sugary snacks. Remember to drink plenty of water and always stay hydrated. Don’t get dehydrated because mild dehydration can lead to poor concentration.

Think Positive Thoughts

If you will think good, you will do good. meditation, yoga, and exercise are some ways to encourage positive feelings. Get rid of negative feelings and things that give you stress. cut all the negative people from your life and hang out with positive people.

Forget About Past Failures

you might have failed in exams Before or some of your previous exams may not have gone well. forget all the things that were happened in the past. Concentrate on the present. And do well with a free mind and without stress. This will accomplish your goal without even thinking about the fear of failing.


Fear of failing is only in the mind, not in reality, and most of the time far away from turning into a reality. Instead of giving up your life and you’re precious time due to fear, but you have to learn how to overpower your fears. It is not a piece of cake to do but also it is not an impossible task.

Find the cause of fear

At first, you have to find out the reason why you are so afraid of failing the exams. At somewhere in your mind you know that failing the Exam is not the End of the world but your Fear of failing can take over any logical sense. So First you have to look into yourself and think about why you are afraid? You are afraid because you think that you have disappointed your parents and family. Or by failing you have destroyed your future. Now you won’t get admission to a good college or in your dream college. After you find all the answers to the questions, you will understand that most of your fear of failing doesn’t even exist.

See failures as temporary setbacks and learnings, not permanent. 

Your marks are important because they are an opportunity but they are not the ones who will decide your future. If you failed an exam, You can appear in the exam again & again. If you barely failed to score as many marks as you aimed to, it is still fine. You might not get admission to the best college that you dream of but it will not stop you to take admission to other colleges and institutes. See all the problems as temporary setbacks to learn New-thing.

Life will give you many opportunities in the near future, life is full of opportunities just focus on them and learn from your past mistakes, and don’t take the fear of failing over-power you.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. 

Another best way to stop this fear of failing in exams is to distract yourself from negative thoughts. The moment you start thinking you will fail, think the opposite. Say it to yourself— ”I will pass, I will score well, I will top the exams,” whatever is your goal. The more your work towards it, the world will take you to it.

Another best way to stop this fear of failing in exams is to distract yourself from negative thoughts. The moment you start thinking negative thoughts about you will fail just think the opposite of that _ “I will pass, I will Score”, Just do your best towards your goals.

“You can put effort, not give results,”—Embrace it!

As a student, you can only focus on your studies, don’t focus on the result. Give your best or do your best, manage your time, and get fully- prepared. Just learn and prepare well without thinking about the result and don’t take tense, Your efforts will pay off and you will see a good result.

Have a mentor, who will guide you and support you Whenever you need

There is a big Role of the Teacher or Big effort of a teacher from whom you are taking classes to fight that fear. If the teacher has good knowledge and you have their support you can fight any Fear. Parag Gupta sir is one of the teachers, who has good knowledge about the subject and Can clear any of your Doubts. He gives support to their student till the last and Never hesitates to give motivational tips to their students. With that much support and with the mind without any doubts, you can give any Exam without thinking about the fear of failing.

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Stop comparing yourself with others. 

Give exams with the motive to give your best, not to show others or to defeat others. When you try to be superior or start competing with others your mind gets distracted from efforts to result. So, focus on your efforts and give your best in the exam.

These are some methods from which you can Overcome the fear of failing.

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