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Secret Tips to Score 90+ Marks

Secret Tips to Score 90+Marks in M Exams | A common question asked by the students: what are the tips and strategies to score more than 90+ Marks in CA Final Costing?

With all the past experience as a Teacher and as a past examiner, here are some tips and tricks that will be very useful for the students.

How to tackle tension and stress

Smile is the best stress buster. Relax your mind and take a small walk in the park or a garden. Try to soothe up your mind and pacify yourself. Improve productivity rather than quantity of your studies.

Solve & practice past examination questions rather than overviewing or auditing the questions and their solutions.

Let’s recall how we use to score well in lower level examinations such as Class X & Class XII: We used to prepare Diagrams/Charts & 1-day revision summary notes, we try to practice the maximum possible questions, etc.

Accept and own your mistakes, motivate yourself, and challenge the concept. Never criticize yourself or demotivate yourself rather focus on the ways we can grab a command on the proper application of the concept.

How many revisions shall be done? Is it possible to do you 5 revisions?

Secret Tips to Score 90+Marks in M Exams | Say we are supposed to prepare 8 subjects in 3 months, it means you have approximately 11 days for 1 subject. Adjust the time and subjects accordingly and calculate the time per subject. Now create a proper benchmark about the plausible number of revisions you can do within the available time frame. Never compare yourself with others and strive to fulfill the benchmarks set by you. Always keep a slack while setting the benchmark to avoid stress, if we are lagging behind the target.

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Whether we shall devote equal time to each subject?

Secret Tips to Score 90+Marks in M Exams | Never underestimate or overestimate a subject and prefer to divide the time equally among all subjects. If you feel that a subject is easy, try to score good marks in that subject and try not to reduce time on its revision. This will help you compensate, in total, with low marks on any other subject.

Whether we shall prepare 1 subject at a time?

To avoid boredom, it is always recommended to make a set of numerical and subjective topics – for one subject or more than one subject.

Which books shall we refer to?

Prefer to refer to books of the Institute. The reference books of teachers and authors cover everything in detail, however, the books of ICAI are concise and examination-oriented. Prepare notes from these books for your last day revision.

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