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Improve Reading & Comprehensive Skills for CA Final

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Improve Reading & Comprehensive Skills

Final CA The biggest anxiety for a CA Final Costing (Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation) student is to comprehend the question effectively and in the spirit in which the examiner posed it. Scoring well when the time is limited but the question is lengthy makes it difficult.Here are a few tips to Improve Reading & Comprehensive Skills that a student must follow to score wonders in his or her examination:


​ Types of questions in the CA Final SCMPE (Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation): Case Study Based Questions & all other types of questions.

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​Q. How much time do we need to invest in a question?

We have very limited time for the examination: 100 marks Question paper is supposed to be completed in 3 hours i.e. 180 minutes. Proportionately we can calculate the time to be spent on a question. E.g. A 10 marks question shall be attempted in around 18 minutes.

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Q. How to approach a case study question?

There are three sections to a case study query: The beginning Paragraph Several further sentences (Body of question)Concluding Paragraph and the conditions stated in the question. In the body of a question, there are always things that are unrelated to the requirements given in the question so we shall initially focus on the introduction paragraph or the initial few lines of the introduction paragraph to gain a gist about the company. Additionally, we shall focus on the requirements given in the question and/or concluding paragraph.
Now, you are prepared to carefully read the question’s body, extract information that applies to the criteria specified in the question, and distinguish between material that does and doesn’t.
Note: Read the requirements of the question at least twice.

​Q. How to approach a question other than a case study question?

A different kind of query is often broken down into two parts: A concluding paragraph, requirements specified in the question, and several paragraphs (question body). There are usually aspects in a question’s body that are irrelevant to the needs stated in the question, so we will first concentrate on those requirements and/or the ending paragraph.
Now you are prepared to carefully read the question’s body, extract the information that pertains to the requirements, and distinguish between that information and that which does not.
Note: Read the requirements of the question at least 2 times.

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Q.A Reason for choosing this topic in this video?

Parag Gupta, am an ex-examiner of the ICAI Final Costing examination. We understand very well the thought process of both paper setters and paper evaluators. I can be the best guide for a student about how he or she can score remarkably on his or her examination paper and be a top scorer or a rank holder in the examination.

​ A Last minute-pro tip!
Even though you are fluent in English, translate the question into your native language to gain unparallel comprehension of the same question.

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