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Smart & Effective Study Tips for Exam Preparation

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Don’t you think if you knew how to prepare for the exams, it would improve your performance? What is the secret behind the excellent performance of toppers? What steps should you follow and how to learn every bit of the vast syllabus for exam preparation?

If these questions are also clouding your minds, then first understand that there is no secret that helps the toppers. They follow the simple methods of learning which you can also implement.

Here we have shared the most important study tips for students of all types of courses, be it class 11-12th students or students of a professional course like CA. Read these study tips to become a topper and give the best in exams.

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Smart Study Tips and Tricks:

  1. Manage your Calendar
    Set your study time for each day. Plan when you will study. Besides that, planning what to study is also important, so make sure you set your study goals in advance. It will save you time. If you stick to your planned schedules, you can finish the syllabus early. So you should start planning from the beginning, or you will need tips on how to complete the syllabus in 1 month before the exams.

Control your Study Environment

The place where you study matters a lot in your preparation. You cannot control your classroom environment, but you can set your study place when you are doing self-study or when you are at home. Having a suitable study place and environment will help you focus on your studies. So you can utilize your study time at the most.

Eliminate Distractions

There are so many things that can easily distract you from achieving your goals. To focus on your studies, you should ensure that any distracting thing is not in your surroundings. Social media and mobile games are major distractions in the life of students today. If you are also wasting your time, ask yourself “if these things are helping you in your studies or not.” If you think people around you in some way distract you (be it your friends or your siblings or any other family member), then you should request them politely not to disturb you when you are studying.

Study to Learn, Not to Pass
When you study any topic or subject with interest and learn something new, you will remember those topics for the longer term. When you study for the sake of passing the exams, you may get good scores in the exams, but when those learnings will not stay with you forever.

Get Right Guidance and Clear Your Doubts

An important study tip that you should follow is—getting the right guidance for all your subjects. When you learn from the best teachers, you understand the concepts in the best way, and you know how to present the answers in the exams. If you face any difficulty in any topic, you don’t leave the topic, but ask the questions to clear your doubts.

Practice, Revise, Test, Review, and Improve

Follow this simple study tip for exams—practice questions in writing. Just looking over the steps won’t help until you solve the problems by yourself. Keep revising the topics that you learn regularly. Take practice tests to analyze how well you have understood. Review your answers strictly and find areas where you are lacking. Work on your weak points with more practice.

Exam Preparation Extra Study Tips

Keep yourself healthy and your mind calm when you are studying. To achieve this goal, you should follow these golden rules and tips:

Self-Health Care: Eat healthy every day and exercise regularly. When you keep your health good, you save your time.
Take breaks: Short breaks in between the studies don’t waste time; rather, they improve your productivity. Exam Preparation
Sleep well: Take a good sleep of 7-8 hours every day. Don’t avoid sleep to complete your studies. It will do you no good.
Choose music wisely: If you listen to music while studying, you should select the music wisely. It is ideal if you listen to music without any words.

Consistency and Discipline: These two things are very important, so always be self-disciplined and consistent towards your studies.
Study Tips for Memorization
You will find many topics in your syllabus where you will face difficulties in remembering the points later. For example, a long process with so many steps or names and years, etc. You understand the meaning completely in such topics, but you still can’t memorize all the points correctly. So whenever you come across any topics and challenges, you can use these methods:

Mnemonics technique: We all know the mnemonics technique from an early age. This is a very effective technique for remembering long processes or steps, or even names and dates.

Relate to visuals: You can use visuals, be it presentations, simple images and diagrams, or even mind maps and flowcharts. The visuals will help you in easy memorization.

Write repeatedly: When you write any topic repeatedly, it leaves a better impact on your memory. You can also use different pens, notebooks, sticky notes, or a different writing style. So when this topic comes as a question, you can relate to the different things you used while writing it. Exam Preparation

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Chunking: You can break things into small parts to remember them easily. For example: just like we remember mobile numbers or bank account numbers in small chunks.

We hope these study tips for exams will help you a lot. You should start implementing these tips for a fruitful learning experience. Remember that you should take an interest in learning, manage your time efficiently, and show discipline towards your studies.

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